Roseanne, Nightmare on Oak Street.

This episode aired in 1989 and it still hasn’t gotten through a lot of people’s skulls.

May I one day be this good a mom.

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Pretty much

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did #WomenAgainstFeminism learn about feminism from an MRA handbook?  nobody NEEDS to identify as feminist but for GOSH SAKES AT LEAST TAKE 3 SECONDS TO GOOGLE WHAT FEMINISM FREAKING MEANS

pls and thank

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I could have asked my daughter to make this (she has the same computer as you, you know?), but she is so lazy!

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Get the book!

Look at how happy she is though OMG

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Animal Cementery


Mark Lawrence Andres

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new video babes!  THE SEX TALK: 10 TIPS!  i never really got “the sex talk” from my parents, beside telling me JUST DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!

if I have kids, this will be how it goes down.  what was your “sex talk” like?

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I find it hard to name the one book that was so damn delightful it changed my life. The truth is, they have all changed my life, every single one of them—even the ones I hated. Books are my version of “experiences.” I’m made of them.

– Zadie Smith, What It Means To Be Addicted to Reading (via distantheartbeats) Via Booklover

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